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Winners Announced! Find All The #BuilderxYou @ SXSW 2019 Details Here!

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You’ve wondered and wondered. It’s finally here! #BuilderxYou winners have been reached out to and are ready to move forward. We thought we’d tell the world how excited we are to have them on board turning their idea into reality with Builder from–every step of the way.

How did we judge winners? Our criteria was as follows.

  1. Does your idea have the opportunity to become successful? We’ll want to know that your idea has legs. Convince us that there’s a need to be met or a problem to be solved and that your idea is the one to solve it.
  2. Will it stand the test of time? Is your idea a fidget spinner (remember those?) or a Facebook? Tell us why your project will still be around next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.
  3. Do you have a valid target audience identified and clarified? Know exactly who’ll be using your app. We’ll want to know.
  4. Does your idea have some traction behind it? This includes a social media following and a minimum viable product. Have you been getting the word out? Are people excited to see you make this happen?
  5. Does your idea already have a user base? Are there people out there who want/need this Big Idea, or will you find yourself having to educate and convince people that they need it?
  6. Is your idea clear and concise? You’ve only got 30 seconds, after all. This is not the time to be ambiguous or to waste time on unimportant details. Make it clear. Make it quick. Make it convincing.
  7. Have your founders and executives got experience in your particular industry? If you don’t know the industry you’re in, your chances for success take an immediate nosedive. Make sure someone has the relevant experience and knowledge to navigate the native waters.

When all was said and done, taking the above criteria into consideration, we picked the following winners who stood out in exceptional ways.


Winners of the #BuilderxYou SXSW 2019 are as follows

#1 Curated x Kai

Why did Curated x Kai do such an exceptional job?

First, Curated x Kai has seen some significant wins at SXSW. She won two other pitch competitions and Kai is a busy woman! She’s also fundraising to see her dream becomes even bigger. She’s got serious traction. Alongside this, Curated x Kai has strong branding that makes us feel confident her project will stand the test of time (maximizing the traction point above)

Next, her idea is not only clear and concise, it’s one that’s mission-driven and purposeful. We stand behind Kai’s mission of providing adventures for kids no matter what their financial situations are using world changing technology. Because of all of the above, we believe Curated x Kai has all the factors involved to become a success.

#2 Locavore

Why did Locavore really hit the sweet spot with their app?

Farmers’ markets have become more and more popular as ‘going local’ has become an international phenomenon. That’s why we think the idea of Locavore will really catch on. This means it has a high likelihood of becoming a viable business and a strong business idea.

The mission-driven nature of Locavore is clear from the get go. Bringing fresh produce from farmers markets into the hands of interested customers starting in Connecticut and moving beyond to the New England area not only seems like a worthy idea, but also something that’s scalable for success. Everyone wants to see farmers’ markets get more access, so we’re happy to make it happen through #BuilderxYou!

#3 Spa Utopia

Why did Spa Utopia stand out?

First, Spa Utopia has a clearly defined target audience that is presented through their social media branding, for example. On this point, Naya Powell seems to be doing an extensive amount of work to publicize her endeavor across the media and on her website, including several customer testimonials. This furthers the brand of Spa Utopia and makes for a strong business case for Spa Utopia and ensures its’ long-term success.

Next, besides being a woman-owned business, the idea behind the company is one that resonates with both customers and interested observers. Multiple audiences have given Naya, it’s Founder, kudos for standing out in the industry, which makes for more interest and even more traction. Just ask Google for Startups, which recently publicized Naya for her commitment to bring her dream into reality. Or her recent client, Angela Bassett, who thanked Spa Utopia for their, ‘spirit of excellence’.

These weren’t the only participants. Here’s a complete list of the participants of #BuilderxYou from start to finish.

These include both our winners as well as the other participants, who all presented interesting, thoughtful and overall well founded ideas to the pitch competition. We sincerely thank all our participants and hope you can benefit from their entrepreneurial considerations through the process. Stay tuned to these up and coming entrepreneurs, Builders!

Participants are included below here in alphabetical order

Curated x Kai

#1 Kai Frazier, @CuratedxKai on Twitter

Curated x Kai is a bootstrapped startup out of San Francisco, CA that makes quality education accessible by leveraging virtual reality to deliver culturally relevant learning opportunities for all students globally. Why? Because students who learn with virtual reality have a 90% recall of educational material compared to a 40% retention rate for students who did not use virtual reality.

The Daily Plug says, “Curated x Kai videos send children on a field trip to a museum without the price of admission and never having to leave the classroom. Kai is Ms. Frizzle and a pair of VR goggles serves as “The Magic School Bus.”

Check out Kai’s pitch here.


#2 Brendan Tyma, @Locavore_App on Twitter

A Locavore is a person who makes an effort to eat food that is grown, raised, or produced locally, usually within 100 miles of home. The Locavore app is a virtual farmer’s market with the goal of connecting the local community to what local products are available to them and where they are. By partnering with multiple sellers across many local product types, they’re able to supply a wide range of local products in an easy-to-use platform.

Hear more about it here.


#3 Corey Ransberg, @CoreyHale on Twitter

Corey Ransberg just really wants to put ham on your pictures–in surprising places. Probably the most funny pitch we’ve ever heard, but simple at heart. Have you ever wanted to put a ham on your pictures? Consider Instaham.

Yeah, we’ll let him explain it.

Intuitive Agenda

#4 Nicole Canelakes, @AgendaIntuitive on Twitter

Intuitive Agenda is a way to find time to relax in a crazy-busy world. Think your calendar is too packed to take time for yourself? Intuitive Agenda disagrees. Their app scans your Google (and other) calendars, identifies time periods when you’re not booked and then schedules you for a custom relaxation routine that fits in with your downtime. Even if your downtime is less than a minute.

Hear more of Nicole’s pitch right here.

Meta Social

#5 Gunther Hess, @MetaSocial1

Meta is the new startup of four high school students whose number-one goal is to help bring you together with all social events going on around you. Its unique heat map technology helps you see all social events around you, such as parties, concerts, seminars, live music, business events and much more.

You can also see who’s hosting the event along with how many people are going to be attending or are already there. As Co-founder Gunther puts it, they’re, “using what takes our attention away from each other to bring us closer together.”

Listen to Gunther’s pitch here.


#6 Danielle Dary, @PROOF_MobileApp on Twitter

PROOF is a real-time geosocial networking app designed to guide you to your next perfect outing. Wondering where you should go to have yourself some fun tonight? Whether it be the crowd, the music or the vibe, you needed PROOF of what your options are like, before you go. PROOF is the ultimate combination of geolocation and of all of the best things available in social media. From live photos and videos to snaps and stories.

Check out Danielle’s pitch.


#7 Joi Cardwell, @joicardwell on Twitter

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Relaxz is the brainchild of Joi Cardwell, whose Jump For Joi Wellness Center is a whole person-centered practice dedicated to the wellbeing of at-risk youth, seniors and adults in the Historic Northwest Community of West Palm Beach. Relaxz is an app for those of us who like the idea of meditation but just can’t seem to chill enough to actually do it. It pairs heart rate variability feedback with music, visuals and guided meditation to help you become the yogi you never thought you could be.

Here’s Joi’s #BuilderxYou pitch.


#8 Sethu, @SRI_S_SETHU

This #BuilderxYou pitcher bills his app as “Trivago for food delivery.” Ever frustrated that the same food from the same restaurant can cost you more depending on which location you order it from? This app offers a meta-search platform that promises to compare prices, offers, etc, so you always know you’re getting the best deal.

But hear it for yourself.


#9 Jose Romero, @JoseRomero_MX on Twitter

Shiftour is an app designed to help the general public keep tabs on their political leaders, support them and contribute to their ideas and campaigns. Here’s what Jose has to say about it.


#10 Naya Powell, @nayapowell on Twitter

Spa Utopia is your own luxury spa – on demand. Ever in the mood for that full spa treatment, but don’t want to leave the house? Spa Utopia specializes in wholistic and customized spa services: massage therapy, nails services and facials delivered to your door in as little as two hours. They cater to upscale hotels, at-home prenatal and women’s wellness clients, corporations, organizations, celebrities, parties and other customized events. All signature services include a selection of aromatherapy, relaxation music, candles and tea.

Here’s Naya Powell’s #BuilderxYou pitch.

Tiny Homes Inc

#11 Robert Walker, @borednerds on Twitter

Robert Walker wants to help you make your tiny home dreams come true. If the options for custom tiny homes aren’t to your liking, and you don’t have the time, skills or resources to build your own from scratch, wouldn’t it be nice to have an Ikea for tiny home components? Robert thinks so.

Here’s Robert’s #BuilderxYou pitch.


#12 Anthony Gibson, @anthonycg_ on Twitter

VAAM is a social network designed to match you with others in your area who share the same interests and passions. “Your best friend might be right next door,” says creator Anthony Gibson. VAAM’s mission is to help you find each other.

Let Anthony tell you more about it here.

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