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We’re growing to translate our vision into reality in 2019. Grow with us.

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We’ve had a great start to 2019. First, it was our partnership announcement with Digital Ocean at CES International 2019. Today, we announced we’ll double our staff in our India office over the coming three months. As we recommend you ask, we asked, “Why?”

Our Chief Wizard, Sachin Dev Duggal, made that clear today.

He noted, “Our vision is simple – If we can take away the limitations for people to build software; then we can make them less afraid; by giving them an equal right to be part of the economy which is today digital by default, we are giving them their right to stay relevant. From a small shop owner or ski school to a producer at a media company to a little girl who wants to build Pinterest for butterflies – everyone belongs to the #BuilderGeneration,”

More specifically, we provide a platform to access the lifecycle of software development–successfully and affordably.

With 90% of our software development projects both within budget and launched before it’s deadline, we continue to offer industry-leading development for clients across the globe. And we’re cash flow positive. Besides our $29.5mn Series A investment, we generated $24 million in revenue in 2018.

To match our vision with our execution, we’re investing in our future by hiring the world’s best talent. You can find out more about our opportunities on AngelList.

To make our vision happen, we’re elated to announce we’ll double our team size in our Indian office from our current 150 up to around 300 employees.

Besides our Indian offices, we’ll be expanding hiring within our US and UK operations, as well. “Half the additions will be deep engineering talent, while the rest would be customer and product experts,” our Chief Wizard & CEO Sachin Dev Duggal shared with the Economic Times earlier today.

What’s more, we’ll continue to develop, grow and nurture our community of 32,000 engineers within our global Capacity Partner network. This enables our clients all the more opportunity to start putting their dream app into action. Carpe diem. Thinking about it? Go ahead. Try out Builder today.

Lastly, thanks to Philipp Birmes at for the above image.

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