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Empowered by Builder: Project Spotlight on MyRatesMagic

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nts. From creating apps for the [Roots Pre-] Grammy’s [Jam Session] to NBC Universal (more on that soon), we love gushing about the work we achieve alongside our clients. We take pride in our work everyday and we hope it shows. We’re always trying to grow and offer continuously better services for our clients so stay tuned for these project spotlights for interesting stories and apps you can use!

Although we don’t usually announce the work we’ve done (our clients like to keep their software theirs, which we understand), sometimes our clients have such a great time, they publicize their streamlined and seamless experience. This absolutely makes our day, and we love sharing this shear joy with our community.

To start us off, let’s tell you a little more about our client, Richard. Not too long ago, Richard Bedenham had a remarkable idea–and we added the project management, development and design to make his idea come to life. As we often do with Builder. 

How it all started–the story behind the product of MyRatesMagic

By 2018, Richard had been working in the hotel revenue management sphere since 2010, which exposed him to numerous technology platforms. This included, for example, channel management solutions, OTA systems, PMS solutions and rate shopping applications of varying degrees of complexity. 

He was also well-versed in back-office revenue management efficiency techniques. He saw a space in the industry, and used his entrepreneurial skills and talent to try to make something come to life. He used the expertise to create MyRatesMagic–a rate plan management application including a pricing engine, report loader (you can’t manage what you can’t measure) and scenario planning insights–all using the cloud.

How did Richard find us? At Web Summit 2018–where we announced our $29.5M Series A, of course. There, we met Richard and were honored he signed up that very day and chose us to be his partner in bringing MyRatesMagic to life. (After several failed previous attempts. Sorry you had to endure those, Richard!)

In months that followed, our team worked tirelessly with Richard to create MyRatesMagic. By their own admission, MyRatesMagic system proved to save hundreds of employee hours, protect hotels revenue and boost revenue management efficiency.

“There is a direct relationship between optimal revenue performance and revenue management back-office efficiency. Hotel distribution starts with you,” Richard says. But that’s not all he has to say. Here is a wisdom-packed video by Richard Bedenham where he talks about his journey with us. 

We’re on the lookout for other amazing clients, and we look forward to continuing to feature other happy customers–so continue to stay tuned right here to our blog for more information, Builders!

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