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Win an app worth up to $30,000! Join in the fun with #BuilderxYou 2019 at SXSW

Erica Grigg    Mar 9, 2019 11:28:08 PM    Add comment

Alright #BuilderGeneration, no more excuses. Got a big idea but limited funds? The inspiration for that next killer app? If only you had the resources and know how to get it built.


HOLD ON THERE! Thanks to Engineer.ai and Builder, you can have everything you need to bring that big idea out into the light of day. Engineer.ai is proud and excited to announce our second round of #BuilderxYou, this time in conjunction with SXSW 2019. 

You’ll want to keep reading.

#BuilderxYou is your chance to hit us up with your best 30-second pitch. Tell us about your dream. Tell us what it can do. Tell us why it’s the next big thing. Our Founder & Chief Wizard, Sachin Dev Duggal, as well as Erica Grigg, our Head of Social Media and a small panel of experts will review all entries, and you could be one of three winners to come away with a free app built to your own specs. 

That's a free 10-feature, single-platform app worth up to $30,000 built by Engineer.ai’s 31,000-strong Capacity Partner network. With the rights owned by you. Not us. Like all apps developed by Engineer.ai. 

How to participate

- Send us your video pitch via Twitter using the hashtag #BuilderxYou and @EngineeringAI

- Share our videos across your social streams and follow along on our social streams if you haven’t already! We’re active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Stay tuned for our Instagram account


- Get it to us by 12.59PM PST, March 16, 2019

- We’ll respond to winners (and other participants) via social media to request an e-mail to formally (so be sure to follow our Twitter account so we can DM you!) by March 22.

“But wait!” you say. “What are they looking for? How will I be scored?” Here's what our executive panel will look at. You’ll be graded on a scale of 1-10 for each of the following criteria

  1. Does your idea have the opportunity to become successful? We’ll want to know that your idea has legs. Convince us that there’s a need to be met or a problem to be solved and that your idea is the one to solve it.
  2. Will it stand the test of time? Is your idea a fidget spinner (remember those?) or a Facebook? Tell us why your project will still be around next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.
  3. Do you have a valid target audience identified and clarified? Know exactly who’ll be using your app. We’ll want to know.
  4. Does your idea have some traction behind it? This includes a social media following and a minimum viable product. Have you been getting the word out? Are people excited to see you make this happen?
  5. Does your idea already have a user base? Are there people out there who want/need this Big Idea, or will you find yourself having to educate and convince people that they need it?
  6. Is your idea clear and concise? You’ve only got 30 seconds, after all. This is not the time to be ambiguous or to waste time on unimportant details. Make it clear. Make it quick. Make it convincing.
  7. Have your founders and executives got experience in your particular industry? If you don’t know the industry you’re in, your chances for success take an immediate nosedive. Make sure someone has the relevant experience and knowledge to navigate the native waters.

That’s what you’ll be scored on. Ten points each for a possible total of 70.

Now, here are just a few more bonus tips on how to make your pitch really stand out from the rest (based on our past list of recommendations for creating your best pitch)

- Practice, practice, practice. Don’t try to crank it out in one take. Take your time. Keep at it until you’ve got your message as clear and polished as possible.

- Have a prototype. A great idea is always impressive, but it’s of little use without a physical representation. Compile a prototype (however basic). Visualizing what you'd like your audience to be able to do, feel and achieve is a good indication that you’ve researched and know how to meet your customers’ needs

- Create a site and domain name. It’s a simple way to help demonstrate how serious you are.

- Be a salesman. your target audience (or in this case, our judges) must be enthralled in the first few seconds. Much of what sells your product is your own charisma and energy.

- Have fun. If you don’t enjoy telling people about your idea, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate why you’re pursuing it at all.

- Believe. Find and retain what makes you believe consistently in your product. Hold it dear. Don’t let go. You can do it!

Past deserving #BuilderxYou winners include

logolaclocheLa Cloche, France. La Cloche a non-profit aimed at aiding the homeless population across France. Why? Did you know 83% of homeless people suffer from the rejection of passers-by, which hinders the reintegration of homeless back into wider society? Because of this, Louis-Xavier Leca, founded La Cloche to support citizens in the fight against exclusion of the homeless.

Today, La Cloche offers three programs: Carillon, Les Clochettes and La Cloche à Biscuits. They offer activities (choirs and cooking workshops, for example), provides media allowing homeless people to speak (including on The Gazette, radio and through multiple podcasts), as well as training workshops in eight cities across France. The app will help 700+ shopkeepers share their voluntary services with the wider homeless community.

FINAL-moodit-v1-cmykMoodIt, UK. MoodIt is a social media app that helps transform the online experience into a positive mental health and wellness experience. Founder Dr. Hassan Yasin is a psychiatrist with a special focus on children and adolescent psychiatry. Yasin has a passion for mental wellbeing and an aim to change the way we perceive the term, “mental health.” Since launching his app in 2018, Yasin has seen an uptake in interest with his highly useful MoodIt app. In fact, we were proud to see Hassan recently featured on the highly influential Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee) series talking on the importance of mental health

Atençãopeão, Portugal. Founded by Anselmo Silva, Atençãopeão is a civic movement which aims to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths on roads by increasing awareness in drivers, pedestrians and local government about the need for improved road safety and signage.

Their app allows anyone to share locations where safety can be improved (like crosswalks, traffic lights, defective or non-existing pavement for pedestrians and cyclists) or where accidents have occurred. This information is channeled to the city hall of the area and posted in #atençãopeao social network accounts (instagram, facebook, twitter). Additionally, anyone can use the app to see when the issue has been solved.

There you go. What are you waiting for? Send us your pitch. Do it now. 80 percent of success is just showing up. Don’t be a no-show. We believe in you!

Top image thanks to Terje Sollie of Pexels.com. 

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Win an app worth up to $30,000! Join in the fun with #BuilderxYou 2019 at SXSW

Alright #BuilderGeneration, no more excuses. Got a big idea but limited funds? The inspiration for t...